Norton is a well-known brand of security products that are trusted by users across the globe. Many users have made their mind to use Norton security for their all-home and work digital computers. You can also do the same by purchasing the top protection products from Once you have purchased the subscription, you will be able to download, install, and activate Norton.

How do I set up a Norton account?

Creating an account on this site is super easy, and you won’t need much time to do this. Here’s how to quickly get a user account:

  • First of all, go to from your web browser.

  • On this page, click on the ‘Sign In’ option.

  • Further, you need to tap on ‘Create an account.

  • Now, enter a valid email address two times.

  • Afterward, enter a new and secure password.

  • Next, choose your region from the drop-down list.

  • If you wish to opt for the latest updates, tick-mark the box.

  • In the end, click on the ‘Create account’ option.

  • Before, finally tapping on ‘Create account’ you must read the Terms and Conditions along with Privacy Policy.

  • Now, that you have learned the process to create a Norton account

Download & Install Norton Setup

Are you wondering how to download and install Norton antivirus on a Windows PC? If yes, then please refer to these instructions:

  • First of all, ensure that you have logged in to your account on

  • Please, feed your Norton activation code into the box that asks for it.

  • Then strike the Enter key on your keyboard to redeem it.

  • Subsequently, navigate to Get Started.

  • Kindly read the on-screen product policy and agreement and then agree to it.

  • Follow the instructions on your screen to continue.

  • Select the Agree & Download button to go ahead with the download process.

  • Press the Next button to download the program.

  • Wait for the download to conclude.

  • Then open the file and follow the on-screen prompts to continue.

Activating Norton Antivirus on Your System

Follow the given below installation steps for your Norton antivirus installation:

  • Hit the taskbar located and tap on the Start menu.

  • Launch the search bar and then enter Norton into the provided section.

  • A listing will appear, and you have to click the Norton file.

  • Run the file extension bar and move to the “My Accounts” section.

  • Get Signed-In to your account by typing all the required credentials.

  • Hit the tab “My Subscription” there.

  • Choose the subscription plan that you have opted for.

  • Enter all the digits related to the activation code very carefully.

  • Hit the Submit button to “Accept” all the changes.

  • The preferred subscription will be activated shortly.

Activate Norton security setup on MAC

  • First of all go to the official website to login into Norton,s account.

  • Under the product tab, choose Norton security and download it.

  • After the download run the Norton security setup to install it.

  • Now click on the Antivirus icon and when asked enter the 25 digit product activation key.

  • Once the product is activated, restart the MAC.

  • Now run the scan to check if the product is working correctly or not.

Having trouble downloading Norton antivirus setup on your pc?

There could be a variety of reasons that you are having trouble downloading the Norton Antivirus setup on your PC. Follow these steps to fixing the downloading issue

  • Enter Valid Norton activation key

In order to have Norton install and running on your PC, you need to have a valid key that you can purchase both online as well as from the store, an account on the website where you have to enter the security key and validate your purchase. And then you have to download the Norton antivirus security setup files on your PC to install Norton.

  • Check your internet connection

A faulty internet connection will lead to the download failure of the Norton security setup software. Before you attempt other steps, you should check that your PC is connected to a stable network and can access the internet.

Once you have ruled out the network problem, and then proceed to the above-mentioned steps for Re-download Norton security setup from the official website

  • Delete windows temporary files to fix Norton download setup problem

If you find that your Norton download setup files do not start or stop after some time, windows temporary files could be causing the problem. In such a case deleting the temporary files may solve the problem.

  1. Before you delete windows temporary files close all the browser windows and any program you were running.

  2. Open the run dialogue box. You can do so from the start menu or you can press the "Windows and R" key together to open it directly.

  3. Enter the following text, "%temp%" in the dialogue box and click enter.

  4. Windows explorer will open up with the user temp folder.

  5. Go to the edit menu and click on the select all option.

  6. Press the "Delete" button. You may be prompted to confirm. Press "Yes".

  7. Once you have deleted the temporary files, go to the official website and re-download the Norton antivirus setup software files.

How to fix Norton Installation issues?

We face three kinds of issues while Norton establishment. 1: Existing security programming. 2: Corrupt establishment record. Windows not cutting-edge.

To fix these issues ensure there is no security programming on your PC before Norton establishment if any you can uninstall it. Continuously sign in to the Norton account and download your item from that point. It will fix 95% of the establishment issue.